About Theth

Theth is a community in the former Shale municipality, Shkoder Country, northern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Shkoder.Tocal tradition asserts a single common ancestor for the community (one Ded Nika) and suggests that the population moved to Theth some 300 to 350 years ago in order to preserve their (Catholic, Christian traditions.

Visiting Theth in the early 20th century, the traveller Edith Durhan said:

"I think no place where human beings live has given me such an impression of majestic isolation from all the world!.

Durham described Theth as a "bariak" of some 180 houses and also observed that it was almost free from the tradition of blood fleud (known in the Albanian language as gjakmarrja) which so blighted other parts of the Albanian highlands. The community is at the centre of the Theth National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Present day




Lock-in Tower a structure from the Albanian tradition of blood feuds.


Theth remains remote. It is most easily accessible by a 25 km unmade road from the village of Boga which is impassable during the winter months and is not generally suitable at any time of the year for motor vehicles without off-road capabilities.


Although the Kanun (traditional Albanian law) remains influential, Theth has not suffered from the recent (post-Communist) reappearance of the blood feud which has troubled other areas of Northern Albania.Ironically, Theth boasts one of the very few remaining "lock-in towers", an historical form of protection for families that were "in blood.



About the Tour!

My name is Elis and  I am the finder of the tour and I will be leading the tour, which I am an expert in team of mountain hiking and outdoors activities,  have been hiking through extreme place, highly experienced,  trip that you will never forget.

The village of Theth and visit a location that tourists don’t miss when they visit, the “Kulla” (tower). Learn of the kind of life those condemned by their family ties would lead as they waited and protected, during a blood feud.

Each day of your tour we will be sleeping in differet villages and use all alternative trails and walk allway from Theth to Valbano, which we will be crossing high mountians and laguns.

From Theth Continue with 20 minutes of walking by visiting the canyon and the Grunas waterfall, the natural monument under state protection, 30 meters high. The Blye Eye is a beauty of the highlanders, need to be visited. A moderate hike is needed to reach this wonderful spring formed by the erosion of the cliff by the river, where some bathtubs and waterfalls are created.Pedestrian route takes about 40 minutes walking to reach the Blue Eye.The Blue Eye is one of the rare beauties of the Albania formed from the Black River

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Tour Details:

Through the tour by Days:

Day 1:

Pick up at the airport to the hotel, city of Shkodra, sleep one night in the city.

 Day 2:

Head for the northern mountain in Prekal Village and Razem Village, sleep one night in Razem.

Day 3:

head for Theth Walley, sleep two nigh on the beauty of Theth Valley.

Day 5,6,7:

Head for Valbona, National Park. Sleep two night.

Day 8, 9:

back to the shkodra city, sleep two nights in Velipoje Beach.

Day 10:

Enjoy e morning breakfast and head for the airport.


What does your trip include?


  • Flight  forward and back
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • All local travel and transfers
  • All accommodation


Does not include flights insurance nor health  insurance.


Travel insurance is compulsory.


Looking forward having you all on the team.