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Hiking through Scutari region:

About Scutari (Shkodra):

Shkodra ,known as the “capital of north Albania” it is one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in the 4th century B.C. as the center of the Labeat tribe of Illyrians. Shkodra has been occupied several times throughout history.

Firstly  by the Romans (168 B.C.), then the Serbians (1040), the Venetians (1396), and finally by the Ottomans (1479). The city was  returned to Albanian control as the feudal principality of the Balshaj during the 14th century and served as the municipal center of the Bushatllinj Pashallëk from 1757 to 1831. Shkodra is rich in cultural heritage; the city itself as well as the people bears the pride that the large number of artists, musicians, painters, photographers, poets, and writers born here strove to create. Shkodra’s main tourist attraction is Rozafa Castle.  the castle has Illyrian origins.

Day trip in the city of Scutari:

Things to do and see:

1 Rozafa Castle.

Rozafa castle comes with a popular local legend. Rozafa was the name of the bride of the youngest of three brothers who originally built the castle. The three men worked tirelessly by day laying mortar and stone but the walls always crumbled overnight.

Within the castle walls is a museum where a discerning lover of antiquities could spend a comfortable afternoon reading more of the history, and a restaurant has been added to showcase local food and traditional dress.

2 Ura Mesit:

Mes Bridge (Albania) Ura e Mesit "bridge in the middle is a bridgein the village of Mes about five kilometres (straight line) northeast of Shkoder, in northwestern Albania.

3 Sarda, Natural resort:

Sarda is a very picturesque location, surrounded by 24.7 hectares of fresh, blue waters. The ruins of a castle dating back to the 6th- 8th centuries BCE are also on the island which  can be found  in the artificial lake of Vau i Dejës, 35 km away from Shkodra.

4 Historic Museum and the Marubi Atelier of Photography:

The art of photography in Albania begins about the middle of the 19-th century, with a first studio opened in 1858 by Pjeter Marubi in Shkodra-at that time one of the most important cities of Albania.

5 Lead Mosque:

Located behind the Rozafa  Castle, the Lead Mosque was built in 1773 CE by Mehmet Pasha Bushati and is one of the most prominent cultural and religious monuments in the city of Shkodra.

6 The Tumuli Burials of Shtoj:

The Plain of Shtoj is situated about 5 km to the northeast of the city of Shkodra, in the vicinity of the villages of Boks and Dragoc, on the western side of the Kir River. The excavated tumuli, or burial mounds, appear to have been used for centuries, from the early Bronze Age until the late Iron Age.

7 Castle of Drishti:

This castle is located 6 kilometers from the Middle Bridge over Kir River. The actual village is found under the antique Drivatum. It was built during the Roman period as a shelter place for the road Shkodër - Kosovo. This castle is located 6 kilometers from the Middle Bridge over Kir River.

8 The Flower's Day in Shkoder:

Every  6th of May the main urban center of north Albania, Shkodra has celebrated “The Day of Flowers” . In addition to their love for bikes , the citizens of Shkodra , has continually show a great interest and attention to flowers and the city is known for its attractive gardens too.
This event it goes together with the opening of summer tourist season. This can be a very opportunity to promote Shkodra and its potential for both international and domestic visitors.

9 Summer season opening in Velipoja:

The Albanian National Tourism Agency, in may the 6th the summer season opening ceremony in Velipoja (Shkodra). live music all day till late night, with Albanian traditional food and same time swim.

About the Tour!

My name is Elis and  I am the finder of the tour and I will be leading the tour, which I am an expert in team of mountain hiking and outdoors activities,  have been hiking through extreme place, highly experienced,  trip that you will never forget.

The City of Shkodra, there will be so much to do and see within the city. we will be visiting the main atraction within the city, such as Rosafa Castle and the Marubi museum.

on day one our first stop will be Velipoj Beach, where we will swim and relax, our first hiking trails will be Maja Zez on the side of the Adriatic sea.

Day two, we will be walking and toward local farms and hiking through the open fields, following short visit to the Lake of Shkodra where we will be camping.
Day three we will visit visit the village of Zogaj and Lake of Shkodra and River Buna.

Day four we will be hiking on the trails next to the Lake Shkodra, on Mali tara bosh.

Day five, six and Seven we will be visiting Village Drisht and Ura Mesit, following to Prekal Valley, see the waters falles and hike toward Nikaj Merturi Village, few days on the mountian.

Day eight head down to the city of Shkodra, visit the castle and the Museum or Marubi.

Day nine, back to the beach, enjoying the sea and sand and on our last day we will have our breakfast and head to the airport.


Prices for 10 days tour Just £ 630pp 

Lake Scutari, Highlands of Albania, Theth and Tarabosh mount



On Arrival at the city airport of Podgorica, you will be met at the airport by our crew and drivers and take you to the city of Shkodra at the Beach of Velipoj. will check into the hotel.

Lunch time already, enjoy an Albanian BBQ and with all go fresh and organic. Little swim  and head for the hiking trail, on the side of the Adriatic sea, where the sea meets the river, a cold swim in the river of Buna, then hike back on the main side of the beach and have Lunch.

After Lunch head for the peak of Maja zez, is around 5kilometers around 3 hours hiking on the mountain, on the side of Adriatic Sea. Be back at the beach and enjoy a long swim following by a traditional food.


Morning breakfast,

Will be heading for the next trail through fields and mountain, visit some local farms on the way and why not a little chat with local shepherds.


Next step with be village of Trush, have some rest and a good lunch, a BBQ with Raki.

Back to the beach with some relaxation and a long swim.


After breakfast head for the city of Shkodra, on the camping side of lake Scutari. Hiking through the region of Bajza and Drisht.

Lunch time and head for the Lake side swim on the lake side.

Dinner will be on the side of the Lake, Village of Zogaj, with relaxation and swimming. Back to the Hotel.


Early morning, hiking trail on the mount of Tarabosh following a visit to Lake Buna.

Walk back to the city village of Zogaj and have a great lunch, BBQ Carp.


Visit Mesi Bridge and hiking through Kiri and old Drisht, small village.

DAY 6,7

Visit Prekal on the high mountain, see the waterfalls  with a great swim and rest on the chilled air.

Visit city of Shkodra, castle of Rozafa and Marubi Museum.


Visit city of Shkodra, castle of Rozafa and Marubi Museum.


Morning activity, following by running at the beach and outdoor exercise.

Lunch and relax on the beach of Velipoje, do some swimming.

DAY 10

It all depends on our flight back.

What does your trip include?

* Tour

*  Accommodation

*  Local tranfers A to B

*  Two meals, welcome and thank you meals

What does not  include?

*  Flights

* Daily meals

* Snacks

* Drinks

* Travel insurance is compulsory.


Looking forward having you all on the team.