About Saranda

Saranda is a town and municipality in Vlorë County, southern Albania. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of the Albanian Riviera.  It is situated on an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea in the central Mediterranean, about 14 km (8.7 mi) east of the north end of the Greek island of Corfu. Near Sarandë are the remains of the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Saranda city has the most breath taken seaside resort on the Jonian sea, clear waters and white sands. If you had enough with sea and sand, there is so much to do around the city and visit some most ancient ruins of ancient Illyrians and Greeks colonies that once lived here.  Old city of Butrinti and Apolonia, which is very close to city of Saranda and Vlora. The Blue Eye, which is breath taking, natural wall that changes colours through the day.

Saranda It lies between the hills that derive and reach the Ionian Sea. The district of Saranda has the most magnificent southern seashore mountains that lie from Borsh to the bay of Ftelia, Vrina Fields and the hills of Saranda, Lëkurësi, Ksamil, Butrint and Konispol. All these units make up the southern part of the Albanian Riviera where the eye catches the countless bays, beaches, the rocky coastline, hills with olives and citrus, mountains that surround the landscape.

Saranda Beach

Saranda city, has the most breath taken seaside resort on the Ionian sea. The coastline in Saranda is wonderful, Ionian Sea gives the beauty of all, with clear waters and white sands, there more than three small beach in saranda, one of the most popular beach, is Ksamil Beach breath taking, blue waters and white sand and with shallow water appropriate for kids and adults.  The islands in the back add to the beautiful scenery. Water is that beautiful bright blue, which looks even more beautiful in evening sun down. There are plenty of bars and restaurants  close to the beach. Ksamil beach gives you crystal shallow with blue and white, nice place with lots of options for dinning and relaxing area, with plenty things to do around day and night.


Things to do, when you feel city life. main Attraction

1 Butrinit:

A visit to the ancient city of Butrint is another must when travelling in the vicinity of Saranda.The baptistry, the cathedral, the lion’s gate, and the museum which includes many interesting artifacts found in the area.

2 the Blue Eye, syri kalter:

This natural, deep spring embodies the clear, vibrant blue color which is seen in many of Albania’s water bodies. The spring is reported to be about 45 meters deep, but some say it goes even further.

3 Lekursi Castle:

Built in the 16th century (circa 1537), Lekursi Castle is located on the top of a hill, overlooking Sarandë. There are excellent views of Corfu and the islands of Ksamil from the castle.

4 Synagogue Complex:

Located near to the City Hall in Saranda, these ruins show that there was a large wealthy Jewish community in Oncheasmos ancient name for Saranda) during the 5th century AD. There was a community center and school in addition to religious activities.

5 40 Saints Monastery:

The 40 Saints Monastery refers to the same story where modern “Saranda” got it’s name from (Saranda means “40” in Greek). The monastery was built in honor of 40 Christian martyrs (Roman Soldiers) who were sent to their death in Siberia when they wouldn’t renounce their religion.

6 Ancient Twon of Finiq (Phoenike)

Visit Finiq by following the Sarande-Gjirocaster national rd. Here you can see evidence of life from during the Bronze Ages. Finiq was the most fortified town of the Illyrian tribe of the Chaonians. In 233 BC Finiq became the center of the Epirote league.

7 Lukove:

Lukove is a beautiful seaside village, with an old road that leads down the hillside to "Lukove beach" best way is walking down).

8 Borsh:

Located in the Northern part of Sarande District, the beach at Borshi is known as “the Pearl of Southern Albania”. It contains a castle, a mosque and a madrasa (an Islamic school).The territory changed hands several times throughout the years, being at one time a part of Ancient Epirus, another time part of the Roman Empire, and also was held by the Turks.


Restaurants in Saranda

food in Saranda, would be a lovely mixed cuisine of traditional Albanian, Greek and Italian food, like all over Albana, which would be the best mixed of Mediterranean food. Local dishes that are very tasteful besides the seafood. The octopus in the oven and the sardines marinated in salt is great.

Local Popular meat dishes are stewed meat and onion `chumlek`, veal stew `ferges`, lamb meat and yogurt, sheep pluck stuffed with meat and vegetables.

Byrek is made and eaten throughout Albania. Byrek me Kos is a yogurt and white cheese pie and is just one of the many variations you can find throughout the Balkans.

Traditional Greek & Albanian cuisine is all about fresh ingredients. Seasonal produce, just-caught seafood, regional cooking styles and minimal dressings bring out the flavours of the Mediterranean, also everything is made tastier by this year’s olive oil and a crusty loaf of fresh bread.

La Petit, very cosy restaurant, the provide only fresh fish and very good house wine, red and white. La Petit means small (french) and is a lovely and it is really a small, names says it all, but it has a great atmosphere. Exceptional wine glasses, wonderful house wine and fantastic food. Some Albanian speciality such as ( chicken in parmesan sauce, picante, chilli pork. Solid plates so there is no need to order appetizers.

Bars and clubs in Saranda

There are many bars in Saranda, most of which are cafe's during the day and turn into bars at night although alcohol is available for purchase all hours of the day.

There are a few selection of night clubs, there is Mango's (Mango Beach), perhaps the largest and most well know nightclub on the East-side of town, lovely atmosphere, plenty of young Albanians coming from all over Albania and foreign tourist. There are also a handful of beach-bars / open-air 'clubs' which are pretty good to go to in the summer, most of which shut down early to mid-September after the tourists leave.

The Beer House another small bar, as the name implies is the best place to get assorted beers in Sarande. You have a ton of beers to choose from, from local beer (that can be served from 1l to 3l, to imported beers. The beer house has great atmosphere and great location.

There are plenty of beach parties that happen at the beach, mostly weekend, private parties at the beach, with famous Albanian DJs and singers, you get invited or you pay entry fees. Beach parties with dancers and foam, is  well known in Saranda beach.


Day one Arrivals !

Will be arriving at Corfu Airport, 30 minute boat trip from Corfu to Saranda than by car which is an hour drive to Sarand Beach.

Our drive will come to pick you up from the airpoert and take you stright to the Hotel.

There will be one of our staff to show yoou around the area, where the most beautiful spots are, where you can have breakfast Lunch and dinner.

This Holiday include 7 nights all-inclusve, if you wish to travel to the city we have drivers which could take you to the city.

Last day of your stay, will be taking you to the airport.

what does this Holiday include:


* Flight ticket back and forward*

*Transport from the airport to the Hotel, back and forward.

* Local journeys from the beach to the city only.

*7 Nights Hotel all in-clusive

* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Drinks during your meals.

There will be verity of  different places where you wish to have lunch and dinner, little drive to the Lake side or to the city.


* Travel insurance (optional)

Health insurance (optional)

* journeys to others cities

* Drinks and snacks, of the meals


Looking forward having you all at the Ionian beach of Saranda!