City of Vlora, beach and Culture!

 Vlora city, has the most breath taken seaside resort on the Jonian sea, clear waters and white sands. Enjoy 7 nights on the side of Jonian Sea with Illyrian and Byzantine culture. If you get bored with the sea and sand there is so much to do around the city and visit some most ancient ruins of ancient Illyrians and Greeks colonies that once lived here. City of Butrinti and is very close to Vlora and the Blue Eye, which is breath taking, natural wall that changes colours through the day.

Within the city to see.

The Flag monument is a huge monument in the middle of a square that has been built around it. It represents various figures of the struggle for independence of Albania with on top of a rock a man holding a flag, the first Albanian flag that was ever waved on the city and on the country, on November 28th 1912 when 83 delegates from all over Albania declared independence of the country.

The Beach of Vlora

In Vlore (Albania) there a few small beaches around the Vlora coastline on the Jonian sea, one of the main beach close to Vlora is Dhërmi, Dhermi is a village in Vlorë County. The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë.

Himara would be the second beach resort of Vlora, is a bilingual region and part of Vlorë County. It lies between the Ceraunian Mountains and the Ionian Sea and is part of the Albanian Riviera. Himara has blue waters and white sands, twin of Dhermi. Those two coastline at the Jonian sea they give an incredible relaxing holidays for family, couples and also young adults who wishes to party and enjoy the foam parties at the beach.

Things to do, when you feel city life. main Attraction

1 Vlora, Great Man:

This statue seems at first sight to be a remnant of the Enver Hoxha  era. However, at second look, it seems to be older and the clothing of the man tells that it should be linked with the struggles for independence of Albania. The strange thing is that it is unnamed. Who is that ? Anybody knows ?

2 Vlora, An Amazing House:

This small house stands along the avenue between Flag square and Muradi Mosqe. It design itself is amazing and can hardly be labeled of any particular style. What is even more amazing is that it front is entirely made of polished stones of various colors as can be seen on the second photo, an enlargement.

3 Vlora, Ancient House:

This ancient house was built at the end of the XIXth or at the beginning of the XXth in a very different style. It stands on Flag square and looks wealthy, in excellent condition with a golden decor. On the front, it says “SKT Banka Kombetare Tregtare”… A bank! That explains why it is in such a good condition! I hope a bank will settle in the hose on the previous tip to mend it

4 Theatre Petro Marko:

Theatre Petro Marko is a gracious red and white builòding which looks totally out of place in the city's context - and yet not only it exists, but it also has a fine reputation at home as well as abroad. The name is in honour of a great local playwriter.

Its theatre company is often invited at prestigious theatre festivals in Italy - it does not only perform modern and classic plays internationally known, but also works from Albanian authors such as Agolli, Kadare, Hysi.

5 Himara and Dhermi:

District of Vlorë, Himarë and Dhermi are not far from the city, it would make a nice day trip or else a nice stop if travelling up the coast. There are beautiful white sand beaches, and majestic mountains which slope down towards the sea. Himarë is bilingual, with some of the residents speaking an archaic dialect of Greek.

Restuarants in Himara

Food in Himara, would be a lovely mixed cuisine of traditional Albanian, Greek and Italian food, which would be the best mixed of Mediterranean food. Local dishes that are very tasteful besides the seafood. The octopus in the oven and the sardines marinated in salt is great.

Local Popular meat dishes are stewed meat and onion `chumlek`, veal stew `ferges`, lamb meat and yogurt, sheep pluck stuffed with meat and vegetables.

Byrek is made and eaten throughout Albania. Byrek me Kos is a yogurt and white cheese pie and is just one of the many variations you can find throughout the Balkans.

Traditional Greek & Albanian cuisine is all about fresh ingredients. Seasonal produce, just-caught seafood, regional cooking styles and minimal dressings bring out the flavours of the Mediterranean, also everything is made tastier by this year’s olive oil and a crusty loaf of fresh bread.


Bars and clubs in Himara and Dhermi

Most of the Albanian joinain coastline is know more for Family holidays, but there are a few good spots to party till late, which is very popular for the Albanians. Himara and Dhermi has the most popular nights clubs and beach parties through the summer season. The cocktails bars and beach parties happens just on the face of the beach with foam parties and late night clubs. where you can see the clear sky and read the stars while you are enjoying your drink.


There are two or three good cocktail bars and clubs. One of the main cocktail bar and the most popular Beach Club in Himara Coastal is (Batida de Coco) all day all night music. Starts in the morning with good music and daiquiri water melon or the special cocktail of the day continue the night with loud music The best cocktails, the best music, with the best staff.


There are two main places go out at night in Dhermi, one is Havana Beach Bar one of the first beach bars since 2001, loving atmosphere, wonderful surroundings and great service. And recently Palase, and Cafe del Mare Pub, the best choices on the Ionian Coast, well known amongst Albanians. In fact, Havana Beach Bar is so popular that in summer, most of the Albanian young members of the government, singers, models, and Big Brother stars go there.

Dhermi is full of nice modern cafes and bars, a coffee costs around But be careful when family shopping because buying in the centre of Dhermi is far more expensive than buying in the village, where old women sell what they grow on their balconies - usually called "veranda" in Albanian.


Day one Arrivals !

Will be arriving at Corfu Airport, which is an hour and 40 minutes drive to the beach of Himar and Dhermi.

Our drive will come to pick you up from the airpoert and take you stright to the Hotel.

There will be one of our staff to show yoou around the area, where the most beautiful spots are, where you can have breakfast Lunch and dinner.

This Holiday include 7 nights all-inclusve, if you wish to travel to the city we have drivers which could take you to the city.

Last day of your stay, will be taking you to the airport.

what does this Holiday include:


* Flight ticket back and forward*

*Transport from the airport to the Hotel, back and forward.

* Local journeys from the beach to the city only.

*7 Nights Hotel all in-clusive

* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Drinks during your meals.

There will be verity of  different places where you wish to have lunch and dinner, little drive to the Lake side or to the city.


* Travel insurance (optional)

Health insurance (optional)

* journeys to others cities

* Drinks and snacks, of the meals


Looking forward having you all at the Jonian beach of Himara and Dhermi of Vlora!