About Ulqini

Ulqini Montenegrin, borders with Albania, is a town on the southern coast of Montenegro and the capital of Ulqini Municipality. It has an urban population of 10,707 (2011), the majority being Albanians. As one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic coast, it was founded in 5th century BC. It was captured by the Romans in 163 BC from the Illyrians. With the division of the Roman Empire, it became part of the Byzantine Empire. During Middle Ages it was under South Slavic rule for a few centuries. In 1405 it became part of Republic of Venice and in 1571 part of Ottoman Empire. Ulcinj was ceded to the Principality of Montenegro in 1880.

Ulqini is a famous destination for tourists, because of its Long Beach, Lake Šas, Ada Bojana Island and for its two-millennia-old Ulqini Castle. Ulqini is also the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro.

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Ulqini Beach

One of the reasons for Ulqine popularity is the fact that visitors not only enjoy the sea and sand but also the ancient culture of Illyrians and still some Venetian heritage. Visitors can stay in villas or apartments located right on the beach at reasonable prices.

Such a premium position, which often comes at a much higher cost in other Mediterranean destinations for similar properties, makes for a truly fabulous holiday. Staying in a waterfront beach villa or house means guests can wake up and get to enjoy breakfast with a dropping view in front of them.

Organised beaches come complete with sun beds and umbrellas for hire, showers, water sports facilities, and snack kiosks.  Environmental management and safety.

The 13km stretch of beach known as Veliko Plaza is about a 10-minute drive outside of the center of Ulcinj and this is where you will find private beach clubs, all of which have names such as “Copacabana” and “Miami Beach” and charge about 6 Euros for two beach chairs and an umbrella. In Miami Beach there are a few restaurants and also the bathroom facilities on the premises, as well as a dozen staff members constantly cleaning the beach, make sure you visit the small beach near the Old City, this beach was hidden at the bottom of a hill with rocky beach without any sand at all and it could be so appealing simply because there are few people there and the water is so clean and clear.

There is Liman Beach very lovely and tiny with excellent views of the Old City and no mention a convenient snack/drink at the bar. With cheap umbrellas for rent, has such beautiful water and is much warmer than the other beaches.

Ulqine offers more than Beach and Sand, there are other activities around the town, hiking tours and walks through the Old Town of Ulqine, visit the old castle of Ulqine, the castle dates since the Illyrian times, when Queen Teuta ruled, the poeple of Ulqine are known as sea people.

City of Ulqini

There is more than Beach and Sand in Ulqine. if you fancy touring around the city, here are some tips.

1 Ulqini, the main castle( old city fortess:

Ulqini is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast,
with evidence of settlement dating back to 500 BC
withstanding the ravages of time for 25 centuries. the old Castle is up magically on the cliffs above the open sea,
with its face towards Otrant it is guaranteed to captivate all your senses and give you somewhat of an awning of past civilizations and empires as you weander round the stone walled city walls and steep alley ways.

make sure you visit the old town, walk down to the rest of Ulqini either via Mala Plaza and the South Gate or to further up the town via the museum and the North Gate, where you can explored every alleyway and small narrow street.

2 Cathedral of St Nikola:

Just down the ramp leading from the Old Town on the western side of the town, is the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nikola. The church was built in 1890 on the site of an earlier 15th century monastery dedicated to Archangel Mihailo. The Cathedral sits in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with ancient trees with beautifully knarled.

3 Southern Soul Festival:

(SSF) will be held from 30 June to 3 July at the Long Beach – “D’Olcinium”. The names of the performers have already been announced.

The most prominent names in Brazil, Marcos Valle and Ed Motta, representatives of the Brazilian jazz, funk and soul music, will bring singing and dancing back to life on the main stage of the festival. The list includes the British performer Yussef Kamaal Trio, Pete Jozef, Nicola Conte, Paul Murphy, Nick Hosier, Kev Beadle, Patrick Forge, Rich Medina, Rahaan, Kiko Navarro, Rainer Trueby, Eddy Ramich, Dom Servini, Red Greg, The Reflex and many others.

4 Ulqini Salina:

Ulqine Salina is one of the largest Salinas throughout the Mediterranean. It is a haven for wildlife, a bird sanctuary. Breeding and wintering have become a part and parcel of this place. In the last 30 years, Salina has obtained both national and international recognition. It is a perfect example of a synergy between the biodiversity protection and salt production. The synergy between the sun and wind brings forth numerous health benefits, such the formation of the medicinal mud. Thanks to the rich biodiversity, bird-watching has become an international pastime.

5 Church -Mosque.

The most mesmerizing monument that stands as a symbol of coexistence between the Western and Eastern culture is beyond doubt the Church-Mosque of Ulcinj, situated in the Old Town.

The Church of Saint Maria was built in 1510 by Venetians. Once the place was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, the Church turned into a Mosque. The Mosque bears the name of Sultan Selim II.

6 The castle Museum:

The small museum located in the old Castle, a limited but interesting display of local artefacts. Many of the architectural items were recovered after the 1979 earthquake and are displayed in alcoves outside the museum building. Inside are items from Ulqini’s past and Bronze age and Turkish artefacts. A building close to the museum has a model of the old Castle before the earthquake and more remains of pre-earthquake Old Town buildings.


Restaurant Kalaja: The restaurant had a wonderful terrace with the best view over Ulcinj from the old town. With traditional Albanian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine mixed Greek and Turkish. Their speciality is spaghetti with shrimps. Other dishes are, spaghetti Bolognese, the fish (levrek) was good. Plenty other dishes, sea food and local speciality.

Misko The Oldest Fish Restaurant on Ada Bojana: This restaurant is located directly at the river Bojana, not far from the sea side. With great service. Sea food is main cuisine with various fresh fish, prepared in a best way, but also local Albanian traditional dishes and other local specialties. The view of Buna River which is the heaven on earth and restaurant is located on heaven in earth. So If you are in the area you should try this place, don’t miss out!

Restaurant Lovac Since 1928: Lovac restaurant is not for from the beach, they do great mixed Balkanik and Mediterranean cuisine, the service is great and amazing atmosphere made by bunches of grapes and kiwis hanging above your table when you sit there.

They serve all kind of fish and sea food but also is worth to try or buy their local domestic products. Is considered one of the best restaurant in Ulqini, example you must try the traditional mix, you can order every dish separately but if you ask, they will mix 3 traditional dishes on a one plate (same price).


Day of Arrivals !

Will be arriving at Podgorica Airport, which is an hour drive to Ulqini Beach.

Our drive will come to pick you up from the airpoert and take you stright to the Hotel.

There will be one of our staff to show yoou around the area, where the most beautiful spots are, where you can have breakfast Lunch and dinner.

This Holiday include 7 nights all-inclusve, if you wish to travel to the city we have drivers which could take you to the city.

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There will be verity of  different places where you wish to have lunch and dinner, little drive to the Lake side or to the city.


* Travel insurance (optional)

Health insurance (optional)

* journeys to others cities

* Drinks and snacks, of the meals


Looking forward having you all at the Adriatic, beach of Ulqini!

Bars and Clubs


Bars and night clubs

In Ulqini there are plenty bars and night clubs by the beach or in the city, which is walking distance from the beach.

Dance the night away at the most fascinating clubs in Ulqini. These famous top spots are situated by the sea, the ones keeping the town all night up, ready to satisfy all your taste in party style.The enticing bars, clubs, restaurants, and the town itself, are marked by a boastful lavishness, hosting a great number of up-and-comers, top quality musicians from Albania Serbia, Macedonia. A great number of bars and clubs are equipped with well-crafted drinks, some even serving only by the keg. For all those who love a wide-sweeping view of the river Bojana, there are a lot of restaurants which sit alone, away from the busy centre crowd.

Fama night club, despite the remoteness, the atmosphere brings everything back to life. These restaurants happen to have authentic Albanian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Italian, and Greek food. For regular night owls, there are a great number of disco clubs by the small and the Long Beach, offering a wide array of good music and drinks.