10 days Hiking through Albanian Alps only £799 pp

Flying date 08.08.2017

Pick up at the airport to the hotel.

Day 1 city of Shkodra, sleep one night in the city.

 Day 2 Head for the northern mountain in Prekal Village, sleep over one night.

Day 3 Razem Village, sleep one night.

Day 4 Theth sleep two nigh on the beauty ofTheth Valley.

Day 6 head for Valbona, National Park. Sleep two night.

Day 8 back to the shkodra city, sleep two nights in Velipoje Beach.

Day 10 Enjoy e morning breakfast and head for the airport.

10 days Hiking Tour, all inclusive £799
Hiking through Albanian Alps,

This Package includes,Flight accomodation, food, drinks and transport from the airport to the hotel.

Tour price per person is £799
Group size 6-10 persons
The festival takes place once a year on the second Saturday of August (12.08.2017)
Tour date starts on 08.08.17
If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached one month before departure date, the tour can’t be realized.