Whether you want to wind down or fuel your passion for water sports it’s time to take a beach holiday. We have carefully selected a wide and varied choice of beach destinations across the Adriatic sea and Jonian sea, providing the perfect setting to do just that. Family Holiday for relaxtion and family time with beautiful beach with clear waters and sand.

All of our beachfront hotels enjoy direct access to the beach, providing peace and privacy – perfect for couples on romantic holidays, or an endless choice of activities to keep everyone entertained on family holidays . Book early and secure your beach holiday with our best offers at the Illyrians Byzantines seas.

  • 7 Nights at Ulqine beach, only £670pp

    All-inclusive beach holiday,(Montenegro).
    One of the reasons for Ulqine popularity is the fact that visitors not only enjoy the sea and sand but also the ancient culture of Illyrians and still some Venetian heritage. Visitors can stay in villas or apartments located right on the beach.

  • 7 Nights All-Inlcusive for £650pp Shengjin (Albania)

    A holiday beach at the Adriatic is highly recommended, enjoy the northern Albania cuisine with locally home-made wine. Discover the ancient Illyrian culture and same time as you enjoy seven days of sun, sea and sand.

  • Ksamil Beach 7 Night just £670pp- All-Inlcusive.

    All-Inlcusive beach holliday on the Jonian Sea, island next to Corfu. Enjoy stunning white sand beaches, turquoise waters. In Ksamil there small private beaches which face the 3 islands.