Explore-Illyrian-byzantine Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality travel services to our customers through our experience, efficiency, and values drawn from our Balkan traditions.

EIB Director brings together people and places through quality travel planning. Through creativity, efficiency and values we will enable our clients to travel with confidence and joy through Illyria and Byzantine steps.

We are new in the tourism trade as business but through my own expertise as the director, working in a Travel Agency and personal experience traveling the world, we aim to provide excellent performance, challenges seeking managed growth, to enlarge our referral network, to further develop incoming years to global expertise, and to expand our agency purpose to satisfy clients.

We conduct business with honesty and integrity. Our philosophy is that of respect and appreciation toward those associated with our company. As we succeed in our mission, EIB shares prosperity with employees and the communities we serve.

  • Albanian Riviera, 10 nights All-Inlcusive only £1,250pp

  • Family Holiday 7 nights best offer £720pp. Jonian sea, Sarande.

  • All-Inclusive 3 day trip for £ 585pp. Shkodra City.

  • From £ 566pp 3 days City break in 3 cities Ulqin, Shkoder & Lezhe

    All-Inclusive 3 days tour through the Ancient cities of Illyria, with rich culture, rivers and lakes.

  • Only £577pp 3 days city break, Prizren, Tirane & Kruje

    All-Inclusive, 3 cities for the price of two. 3 days tours through cities of Ilyrians with full ancient culture where is still live today.

  • Exclusive offer 3days trip just £655pp Sarande, gjirokaster & Vlore

    All-Inclusive for 3 days trip through the most ancient cities of Illyrian Byzantine. with rich Illyrian greek culture.

  • All-Inclusive 7 Nights only £755pp Beach Holiday in Velipoje

    All inclusive holiday at the Adriatic sea on the Albanian coast. Velipojë has the beauty of clear waters and sand. Rich Illyrian culture and best Albanian cuisine mixed with mediterranean cuisine.

  • All-Inclusive 3 nights only £555pp city break in Ulqine

    City Breaks in Ancient city of Illyrian, Ulqin, where once sea people lived. Ulcine is a town on the southern coast of Montenegro and once the second city of Queen Teuta, known as Eponymous. Illyrians flowrished here incredible sea power.

  • Theth Hiking Tour All-Inclusive Only £1,100pp

    Hiking through the most beautiful mountain in north Albania, Theth region to Valbona Valley, full of rich culture and natural landscape, the canyon and the Grunas waterfall and the Blue Eye, is a wonderful spring formed by the erosion of the cliff by the river.